Tourist Attractions

Sawarna is located in Lebak along the southern coastline of Banten.

There are 2 main routes to get to Sawarna:

  1. Through Serang – Pandeglang – Malingping – Bayah
  2. Through Bogor – Ciawi – Pelabuhan Ratu – Cisolok – Sawarna

Often referred to as the hidden beauty of Banten, Sawarna has now become one of the popular tourist destinations.

Sawarna Attraction MapRanging from crystal clear beaches to natural caves, Sawarna offers some of the best scenic spots in the region, including:

  1. Ciantir Beach
  2. Tanjung Layar Beach
  3. Karang Beureum
  4. Legon Pari
  5. Karang Taraje
  6. Lalay Cave
  7. Langir Cave
  8. Karang Bokor
  9. Pulo Manuk